When it comes to marketing, digital marketing is definitely the way to go within today’s era and the dramatic changes in the way we live, especially with social media and the fact that we constantly have some form of electronic device glued to us during most hours of the day. Avoid the following digital marketing mistakes: 


Failure to Plan

Insufficient planning and not setting out your goals for your digital marketing campaign at the start of your journey is probably one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. How will you successfully drive your digital marketing campaign if you don’t know what you are wanting to achieve? If that is the case, you will never be happy with what you have achieved and will not be able to make tweaks and adjustments along the way as you don’t know what the end goal is. Before even starting to plan your digital marketing campaign, sit down and work out a list of timely measurable goals. Schedule in reviews in your calendar for times where you can sit down and review those goals and the progress made incase there are changes which need to be made. 


Ignoring Analytics 

A lot of people ignore analytics as it can be difficult and confusing to interpret, however, analytics are insightful pockets of information that inform you of whether you are on the right track or not. Don’t ignore these insights as this information is what can help you get ahead. If you are struggling with interpreting your digital marketing analytics, reach out to a digital marketing agency Singapore


Sheep / Follower Behaviour

The industry of digital marketing often sees an influx of trends, some short lived, others lasting for a while longer than expected. The mistake which is often seen amongst digital marketers is that they jump on each and every trend without really thinking about it. Don’t get us wrong, it is extremely important to stay relevant and up to date with trends and advancements within the industry, but don’t start incorporating new trends into your marketing strategy just because it is generating some noise, as it has the potential to do more harm than good. Sit on the idea, gather ideas and plan out how it will impact your marketing strategy before you make any fast decisions. 


Failure to define correct audience 

When it comes to digital marketing, audience really is everything. If you are targeting the wrong audience, not only are you wasting your marketing budget, but you are wasting your time and effort as what is the point of targeting consumers who are not interested in what you are trying to sell? It won’t get you very far. Define who your audience is and then create your content and strategy around them. Don’t do it the other way round. 


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