Making the switch over to Bing for your marketing efforts may seem like quite the odd decision to outsiders, however once you get to know the benefits behind dynamic search Bing ads and the rise that the search platform, Bing, are seeing, you will have wished you made the switch earlier. Discover how to increase your site traffic from Bing


Indexation and Technical SEO

Bing are not shy about the fact that being indexed is the first step to start generating traffic from Bing. Therefore, your first task is to ensure that all of your pages are indexed in Bing. 

What does it mean for a page to be indexed exactly? Quite simply, if a page is indexed it means that it appears within the search engine, where as a ‘no-indexed’ page is the opposite, where it will not appear. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that in order to increase your site traffic, the first and foremost step that needs to be taken is to ensure that your pages actually appear. If you are unsure, go and check yourself by searching in Bing as it will tell you exactly what pages are indexed. 

Another step that can be taken is to tell Bing to crawl your pages more frequently. Within the Bing Webmaster Tools, under ‘Crawl Control’ you can adjust the crawl rate as well as the time of day when you want your site to be crawled. 

To help increase your site traffic, clean up your sitemap. Bing only allows for 1% dirt in a sitemap, meaning that if the percentage is higher, they begin losing trust. Dirt includes errors such as a 404or 500 code error. 



Whilst Semantic Search is all the rage for Google, Bing are not buying into it. In fact, research has proven that Bing is not particularly good at broad-matching so it is best to take the straight-forward keyword targeting approach.


On-page SEO

When it comes to Bing, on-page SEO is quite straightforward and simplistic. Complete the below tasks and you will heighten your chances of increasing your site traffic from Bing. 

  • Optimise site titles and meta descriptions 
  • Use meta keywords
  • Incorporate keywords into headings and text


Click through rate

Bing are quite open to the fact that they use click through rate in their ranking algorithm. Therefore, the higher amount of clicks your content receives and the more engaging it is, the less likely searchers are going to bounce off, minimising your bounce rate and positively impacting your site traffic. The take home message? Improve your content so people don’t want to click off. 



A study conducted by Search Metrics saw that the number of backlinks for Bing has a much higher correlation to rankings. To demonstrate this point further, 53% of the backlinks of websites ranked among the top 30 results on Bing contain keywords in the anchor text, which is roughly 10% more than is found on Google. Although growing your backlink profile may not be as effective as it would in Google, it still wouldn’t hurt to try for Bing.


Social Signals

Furthermore, Bing has admitted to the fact that social media plays a role in ranking highly within the search results. So don’t shy away from social media, optimise your content, increase your audience and as a result, increase your site traffic from Bing.


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