At first glance, the idea of marketing automation may seem like one of those tech-speak terms that will leave you a little confused. Truth be told, you are most likely using automation tools in your digital marketing strategy. For instance, marketing automation is most often found in email marketing tools and social media marketing. If you’re sending out a personalised abandoned cart email or remarketing ad, that’s using marketing automation. However, just because you’re implementing it into your strategy, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are optimising for its full potential. If you want to optimise your marketing automation to leverage the full potential of encouraging visitors down the purchase funnel, here are some tips to help you.

1. Know when NOT to use marketing automation

It goes without saying that although marketing automation provides a faster and more efficient form of working, it doesn’t mean you can apply it into everything you do. A golden rule when it comes to figuring out whether something should be automated or not is to think whether the instance is repeatable and if it requires a human touch. For instance, if you automate your customer service strategy, make sure you do it strategically so you don’t send a “thank you for your comment” to a “How can I return my purchase?” comment without an actual solution. Although automation saves time, it doesn’t mean you should automate everything that consumes time. Somethings require a human touch or you risk losing touch with your customers.

2. Set up automation for strategies in the early stages of the purchase funnel

Anyone hanging around the preliminary stages of the purchase funnel may not be actively seeking out your brand. As such, you can automate your strategies at those stages. For example, you can automate welcome emails for first-time subscribers or give a 10% discount on their first purchase. The deeper you dive into the purchase funnel, the more likely you’ll want to personalise your marketing strategies. If a user is very close to conversion, sending them a personal email may help them convert faster than a generalised email.

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3. Close the loop

Marketing automation isn’t a stand-alone strategy. The best marketing automation strategies link up with other efforts. For instance, link up your analytics account to UTM parameters with your social media strategy and email marketing. All of this will create a comprehensive networked strategy so you are in contact with your user at every point.

4. Use pre-conditioned flows

Most automation strategies will provide you with a set of flows that are predefined. This can be logical sequences that trigger an abandoned cart email, a certain discount pop up, etc. Use them to your advantage.

5. Schedule your reviews regularly

We can’t stress the importance of reviewing automated processes. Often times, we let it slip because, well, it’s automated. But this can come to haunt you if you have updated something on your website (be that a product or important customer information) and it hasn’t been reflected on an automated email.

For example, say you run a massive end of year sale on your e-commerce store and have been experiencing a backlog of orders which will lengthen the delivery time. Your automated thank you email mentions a 7-day delivery time. If you forget to update this bit of vital information, your customers will expect a 7-day delivery time. Failure to achieve this may lead to a customer writing a nasty review on your social media account. You don’t want to have your automated processes create more work for you.

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