Programmatic advertising is often thrown around within the digital marketing realm, but what does it actually mean? We are about to give you the lowdown on programmatic advertising and why your business needs to start looking into a digital marketing agency Singapore to implement it. 


What exactly is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic Advertising is the automated buying and selling of online advertising. Essentially, it means buying and selling ad inventory in real time using an automated software rather than conducting manual negotiations. This form of advertising allows digital marketers to pay for impressions based on the value of eyes viewing the ad rather than a flat CPM rate across all impressions on a website. The reasons these processes are automated is to streamline the process, making it more efficient and effective. Programmatic Advertising can further simplify digital campaigns by consolidating digital advertising efforts in one technology platform. 

Programmatic Advertising has complex targeting tactics that are used to segment target audiences with the use of data. This allows advertisers to deliver ads to the correct audience at the best suitable time for that audience. Another feature of Programmatic Advertising is that it gathers and analyses data in real life time, allowing digital marketers to make adjustments when need be. 


Programmatic Advertising Statistics 

  • Programmatic Advertising improves a business’ efficiency and effectiveness with their digital campaigns
  • 65% of all money spent on advertising in digital media in 2019 will be traded programmatically
  • Ad space bought via programmatic trading increased 76% year-on-year to April 2015
  • The breadth of ad formats available through Programmatic Advertising is growing, with more mobile, video and audio options
  • Programmatic Advertising provides transparency in digital spend that marketers and advertisers can’t get from traditional advertising
  • The technology behind Programmatic Advertising gives advertisers the ability to directly target their ideal audience
  • Programmatic Advertising gives marketers the ability to measure exactly how a creative, campaign, or targeting is performing as soon as the campaign is launched
  • The overall efficiency of digital advertising can be improved with Programmatic Advertising


Why your business needs Programmatic Advertising

If we are yet to convince you as to why your business needs Programmatic Advertising, take a look at the following points, surely they will convince you otherwise:

  • Buy more ad impressions, pay less intermediary fees
  • Fraud reduction 
  • Ads delivered in a safe environment ensuring 
  • Performance at scale
  • Ability to adapt 


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