You wake up one morning and check the back end of your website only to realise your website traffic is on a downhill slope. You panic, and then you panic some more. Your site was running optimally with visitors coming into your site and converting but somehow, that all has changed. If you’re scratching your head, wondering what changed and how you can bring it back up, here’s a quick run through on what you can do.

 At Digital Squad, as an expert digital marketing agency Singapore, we have years of experience in helping businesses amp up converting traffic. So, if you’re in a bit of a muddle, here are some things you can do to check why your traffic has declined.

1. Optimising for Mobile

It’s no guess that every business needs to optimise for mobile but you’d be surprised to find how little businesses look into the nitty-gritty of this. With users accessing the internet (and thus your site) more through mobile devices than laptops or desktops, optimising for mobile viewership is key. Every single landing page, blog post and design on your website should be responsive on a mobile platform. If not, users will bounce faster than you can blink. Do a back-end check on every page your visitors land on and see if they’re optimised for a smaller screen and CTAs are clear.

2. Site Speed

As users, we have very little patience and our attention span rivals that of a goldfish. A significant reason why you may experience a drop in your overall website traffic could be due to site speed. As a digital marketing agency Singapore, we strongly recommend checking your site speed daily and taking steps to optimise it, wherever possible. 

A few reasons why you may experience a slow site speed could be due to your server overloading or just your website design. If you’ve recently revamped your website design, this may have affected the loading speed and rectifying this as soon as possible is vital. Any changes to your website should be done gradually with a continuous check on its effect on overall site speed.

what to do if your site traffic drops

3. Change in Traffic Sources

Traffic sources to your website come from a mix of paid, owned and earned media. One may dominate over the others but it’s always important to track your traffic sources. Monitoring your traffic source can help you tweak and optimise who visits your website and how you can convert them. If you’ve noticed that a channel has a declining visitor rate, you can pin point why overall website traffic has slowed done. If a certain source was giving you valuable visitors, you can immediately rectify it – whether that be through your email marketing efforts, search ads or social media posts. For instance, if you’re running AdWords advertising Singapore, you can see what’s going wrong with your ads and quickly remedy it. 

Boost website traffic with Adwords advertising Singapore

If you’re looking to improve your website traffic, owned and earned media is an organic way to grow. On the flip side, paid media, if done well, can be a valuable source of visitors regardless of where they are on the purchase funnel. Whether they are visitors who’ve never heard of your brand or customers who’ve already converted, paid media can help you accelerate growth and sales. You can take the guesswork out of the process and get the help of experts. Digital Squad is an Adwords management agency Singapore with years of experience and a plethora of clients who’ve experienced the power of Google Ads. If you’re ready to commence your Ads journey, contact the Adwords marketing services Singapore team and see how you can bring up your traffic and overall conversion and keep it there.