There are often so many different marketing terms being thrown around, so much so that it can be difficult to keep up. When it comes to marketing targeting, there are two types that are often in the mix: remarketing and retargeting. With their similar names, they are often mistaken to represent the same thing. Remarketing and retargeting can assist you in reaching those consumers who are more likely to convert as opposed to first time visitors. Discover the difference between the two marketing terms and how they can be implemented into your marketing strategy. 



Retargeting uses cookie technology (simple Javascript codes) which follows your audiences actions whilst on the web. This retargeting technology often determines which display advertisements users see when visiting particular websites. How it works is that once a user enters your website and clicks on a product or takes an action on your site, a cookie is implemented into their browser which allows you to retarget them. Retargeting campaigns typically tend to show higher engagement rates and conversion rates as often the consumers do not need convincing as they have already thought about purchasing your product/service. 

Retargeting can be categorised under two types: on-site and off-site:

On-site retargeting 

Most popular out of the two categories, it involves targeting those who have already re-visited your site, made some form of interaction but did not convert. The best ways to re-target those individuals is by targeting them based on a particular product that they have been looking at (such as showing them ads of those shoes that they nearly purchased). Another method is to target them based on how they found your site (social media, inbound events, google search). 


Off-site retargeting 

Off-site retargeting is where you are targeting individuals who have not interacted with your website previously, however they have similar characteristics with your previous customers and your target market. In order to target these consumers, marketers often look at targeting them via their searches. Another way to go about off-site retargeting is to target consumers who search or interact similar to previous customers. 



Often people refer to remarketing as another term that describes retargeting, which is why people often get muddled up. Remarketing however is the term to describe email marketing where you can re-target and re-engage consumers within their emails. A good example to demonstrate this is when a consumer abandons their shopping cart on a website and then a few days later they will receive an email from the company informing them that they still have items sitting in their cart (and often they will send them a discount code to convert them into purchasing). 


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