There are a lot of jewellery misconceptions out there that everyone should know when they’re adding to their collection next. Jewellery misconceptions are very common because often when you’re wondering in a jeweller you can feel very overwhelmed with all of your options right in front of you that you forget to dig deeper into the facts. I’ve gathered 3 common jewellery misconceptions to share with you today.

Synthetic vs Natural Diamonds

diamond ring

Synthetic diamonds are handcrafted in a lab with ingredients contained in a natural diamond, whereas natural diamonds are created by carbon in nature. So, with a huge media focus being on sustainability many people are left wondering, what’s better for the environment? Most people will say synthetic diamonds are better, but it actually depends on the production process of the synthetic diamond. Natural diamonds require mining for their existence, they disrupt ecosystems and effect the planet, people and animals in doing so. However, synthetic diamonds are not always the eco-friendlier option, they require a range of chemicals, water, power and facilities in the product process. Synthetic diamond manufacturers who aren’t using renewable energy are harming the environment and depending on their production process and waste may be doing more harm than you think. So, the answer lies within the diamond manufacturers operations and attitude towards sustainability. If you are looking for a diamond necklace in Singapore visit Infiniti Jewels, they’re more than happy to answer your diamond questions and provide details of their diamond manufacturer.

The value of jewellery

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Have you ever fallen in love with a piece of jewellery but wondered if it’s worth the price but have been too scared to ask? Because it is often thought when buying gold pieces or gemstones. Gold can often be valued by its weight rather than by its detail, making it hard to judge the price based off its appearance. Gemstones are also valued in terms of their weight and availability, some gemstones are very rare and uncommonly found making them a lot more expensive than others. So don’t hesitate to ask your jeweller the price reasoning behind your favourite piece because it can often be hard to judge. Visit Infiniti Jewels when you’re searching for Singapore custom jewellery, they have a variety of valuable gemstones including emerald gemstones and pink gemstones.



Pearls are a type of gemstone that are originally formed in the ocean; however, majority of these natural pearls have since been harvested. A natural pearl is the most expensive of all pearls and are rarely found now. Cultured pearls are formed through humans inserting a graft inside a particular type of shell and leaving it to produce a pearl in time. Pearls can be cultured in either fresh water and saltwater and vary in their quality and value. It can be hard to tell the difference between a cultured and natural diamond, so don’t hesitate to ask when you’re in the jewellers next.