As we enter a new decade we are expecting to see statement jewellery really grow across the market. If you have tuned into the latest runway trends you would have noticed that statement jewellery is thriving, ranging across necklaces, earrings and bracelets they are hard to miss in a variety of coloured and sized pieces.


Statement necklace

The biggest statement jewellery on the market is chain-link necklaces, they are very chunky and are often layered with multiple pieces to create a fuller look. A chain-link necklace can often be mistaken for a choker necklace, which are also big in the market. Choker necklaces have gotten chunkier and are seen as a very bold piece to wear, you can find them in a flexible material or a hard neck curved shape. Chain-link and choker necklaces are in short described as bigger and bolder pieces to finish your look.


statement earrings

Hoop earrings have always been a big earring trend, however go shopping now and you will find that they have really grown in size. Hoops are a statement piece and can almost be styled with every outfit, they vary in a range of colours and are often decorated with a variety of unique charms dangling from them. Earring art charms are also a very big trend, you can find them dangling from hoops or generally they are a statement on their own. Art earrings are unique sized patterned pieces custom designed or for the purpose of representing something, for example you can find art earrings of your favourite food, animal, shape or even with a 3D object. Along with these art earrings is the trend to wear them mismatched or singular, wearing two different earrings is a statement and a very popular trend of 2020.



Bracelets are another big trend which have recently taken off, and just like necklaces and earrings; the bigger and bolder the better the bracelet is. Bracelets that cuff around your wrist are coming in strong, styled on the vogue runway they are a statement piece easily worn to show off your unique style. Bracelet cuffs range in a variety of shapes and sizes and are often found to have art pieces incorporated into their design.

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