The 4C’s to a diamond ring include colour, clarity, cut and carat. The 4C’s are important characteristics to think about when you’re getting your next diamond jewellery quotes, because together they determine the quality and beauty of the diamond.

Diamond ring


Diamonds are available in a range of colours, they are labelled and identified with an alphabetical chart representing the closer to the start of the alphabet the rarer and clearer the diamond is. Therefore, the rarest and most beautiful diamonds are colourless, scalded between the letters D – F. Diamonds scaled from G – M are also somewhat rare, however from letters K – M they obtain a faint yellow colour. Diamonds scaled from the letter N onwards are commonly available, between the letters N – R they have a light yellow shade and from S onwards they appear more yellow.


The clarity of a diamond refers to the visual appearance of internal characteristics found within your diamond. The clarity of a diamond ranges across a grade and category based on inclusions, using this as a scale it can help you determine the value and quality of a diamond. The highest grade diamond is grade FL category flawless, this diamond is perfectly clear from any inclusions. From this category onwards there are 5 remaining scales, a diamond found at the end of this scale will potentially have a variety of feathers, crystals or clouds as inclusions. A feather inclusion in a diamond refers to tiny cracks, crystals include any small crystalline properties and clouds provide a foggy and blurry looking appearance.


There is a range of different diamond cuts to look out for, whether you want a shallow, medium or deep sitting diamond ring you need to think about what else is at sake. A diamond cut will determine the amount of light which can possibly enter the diamond, and in turn affect how brightly in shines. In simple terms the deeper the diamond cut the less amount of possible light entering the diamond. So, if you’re wanting your diamond ring to sparkle and glimmer in the light, a shallow cut is ideal for you.


The carat of a diamond specifically represents the width of the diamond in a mm measurement and the weight of the diamond in carats. The carat determines the price of the diamond; however, the other three characteristics determine its beauty and quality. The carat scale works by the greater the carat weight and size, the rarer the diamond is available. And there’s not much more to it than that. The smallest diamond on the scale is 4.1mm and it weighs .25 carats, whereas the rarest diamond is 9.3mm which weights up to 3 carats. If you want more than a 3 carat  diamond ring you can get a 3 stone diamond engagement ring with whatever sized carat diamonds you prefer.

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